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1. Raw diamond in box

Raw diamond in box

*** WARNING **** THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE ***** OPGELET **** DIT PRODUKT IS NET MEER LEVERBAARRaw diamond in plastic box micromount alike with loupe on top for better view. last stock. Since ancient times rough or uncut diamonds have been prized for their beauty and not just by the masses but by kings and queens as well. Jewelry designers of today are appreciating them for their elemental, raw look and setting new trends with this earthy look that isn't so new. Some jewelers are creating designs with just the rough diamonds set into precious metals while others are mixing the rough versions with cut and polished diamonds to create a look of rustic elegance. Some designs have a feel of mixing the past with the present, as you can almost feel the ancient roots of the uncut diamonds mixed with the newer diamonds cut with great precision using modern tools.

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