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1. White topaz gems

White topaz gems

*** WARNING **** THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE ***** OPGELET **** DIT PRODUKT IS NET MEER LEVERBAARExclusive offer on white topaz gems The ancients have long valued topaz for its mystical, talismanic and healing properties but modern women value it for its incredible beauty and the latent popularity of this semi-precious stone has given it the status of a gem. Topaz comes in many natural colours but it is the artificially-induced iridescent colouration given to clear or white topaz that has captivated the world and, consequently, sent prices soaring.

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2. African rough tourmaline

African rough tourmaline

*** WARNING **** THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE ***** OPGELET **** DIT PRODUKT IS NET MEER LEVERBAARRough tourmaline , excellent for cutting small sizes but total weight 25 Ct. Tourmalines are mined all over the globe, including places like the US and Nepal. Most of the mining that feeds today's markets however comes from Afghanistan and various parts of Africa. Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Uganda, Congo, Tanzania. Afghani tourmaline is considered very high quality because of its color range and excellent luster and purity it is much more expensive than African. Afghani Tourmaline can be found in Peshawar Pakistan, the nearest market to the mines which a are located in central Afghanistan. from there it moves to places like Bangkok , Hong Kong and Germany . Supply is good and the prices are ranging from 200 to 1000 dollars per gram for rough. Good quality African rough on the other hand, ranges from 100 to 500 dollars per gram. The best quality rough stones from all over the world find their way to Idar Oberstein in Germany where higher prices can be gotten. The rest is sold in Bangkok or Hong Kong.

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3. Lof of tanzanite

Lof of tanzanite

*** WARNING **** THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE ***** OPGELET **** DIT PRODUKT IS NET MEER LEVERBAARLot of Tanzanite cutted, small stones. Some information on Tanzanite like in diamond trade; there are the 4 c's - Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut. COLOR

Color is the most important of the 4 C's for Tanzanite quality.


A term is AAA Tanzanite used by the miners to denote the very top grade of Tanzanite - the very deeply saturated exceptional stones. Only 1% of all Tanzanite is this grade.

The GIA grade for these stones you can find on the GIA website.


Clarity refers to how inclusion-free a gemstone is. The basic rule with Tanzanite is that it should be at least eyeclean but preferably loupeclean too. Top stones are loupeclean, be VVS. Any lesser clarity grade will affect the value downwards and denotes a lower grade stone.


Tanzanites exist even in the 100+ carat range but these are rare. Generally stones are in the below 1 - 10 carat range.


Tanzanites are found in a variety of shapes and cutting styles. Ovals and cushions are the most common, but rounds are also seen, as are other shapes, including emerald cuts, trillions, etc. Cabochon-cut tanzanites are not often seen.

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