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1. Fossil plant

Fossil plant

*** WARNING **** THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE ***** OPGELET **** DIT PRODUKT IS NET MEER LEVERBAARFossil plant from Belgium. Very good quality taken from Grunberg collection. Fossil comes from the Latin 'fossa' (mine). Archaeological finds are "fossils" mentioned. Fossils are the remains of ancient life, droppings, shells, bones, prints of leaves, animals, etc. Fossils are at least 10,000 years old. The main chemical compositions are: calcite, aragonite, pyrite, phosphate, carbon and quartz. New raw materials: actinolit sobotin, jesenik, cz actinolit gambatesa mine, genua, adelit jacobsberg, nordmark, värmland actinolit hammerunterwiesenthal, sachsen adular monte stella, st. gotthard adular sri lanka aegirin-diopsid persberg, värmland adular etzlital adular skopi chibiny, kola, russia grobkristalline adular adular maderanertal

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